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Tourist information

Barcelona Traditions:

Catalona has managed to keep over the years part of its traditions and these have been integrated in common day festivals, shows and parties.

The following are only some of them, and they are worth to see and participate if you are visiting our city.

Cabalgata de Reyes
Typical Spanish. On 5th January, following the tradition the kings of Oriente arrive to see the new born Jesús. With large "carrozas" impressively decorated, lost of sweets are througn to the astonished children waiting to see the Kings of Oriente.

Els Castellers
Els Castellers
The Castells are an impressive human tower of up to 9 floors. These are originally from the Tarragona province, although they are very popular in all Catalonia. Easy to see during the Merce Festival, in many parts of the city, i.e. in Plaza St. Jaume.

It is Catalonian's traditional dance. People meet in front of the cathedral every Sunday to dance it.

Sant Jordi
Saint George is Catalonian Patron. On 23rd April the Catalans celebrate Saint George's day by offering a rose or a book, and the main shopping streets of Barcelona are filled with book and roses stands.

Sant Joan
The eve of Saint Juan´s, on 23rd June, is the summer solstice, which is celebrate with big bonfires, firecrackers and fireworks. People that night gather together to eat the traditional "coca de Sant Joan" (a cake) and drink cava.

Festival de La Merce
Festival de La Merce
This is Barcelona's patron saint. A big festival is held during the week of 24th September, which is the day of La Merce. All kinds of activities are organized, for all tastes and ages. The streets get full of activity with musical concerts, castellers, sardanes, etc. However the most interesting is the one call "correfoc" (fire-breathing dragons) and the pyrotechnical music. Barcelona people get dressed in old clothes and run after the correfoc. In order to not get burnt, people from balconies through water all over the runners. Great fun!

Electrical Power:

As in most part of Europe, in Barcelona the 220v 50hz is the standard power supply. For those of you coming from North America with 110v60hz appliances be sure to use an appropriate transformer. These are easily supplied in hotels and electrical supply stores.


Public telephones are readily available almost anywhere in the city. There are street phone stations, and booths, and you can also find public phones in bars and restaurants. Most public phones will accept coins, but it is much easier to buy a phone card at any "estanco" (tobacco shop) or post office. All phone numbers in Spain have 7 digits, the prefix for the area code, for example in Barcelona "93" needs to be dialed in order to contact that number.

International Calls
First you need to get an international dial tone by dialling "00" and waiting for a higher pitched continous tone. Then you can dial the international number, starting with country code, area code and local number.

Country codes:

Andorra 376 Monaco 377
Australia 61 Morroco 212
Belgium 32 New Zealand 64
Canada 1 Norway 47
Finland 358 Poland 48
France 33 Portugal 351
Germany 49 Russia 7
Gibraltar 9567 Saudi Arabia 966
Ireland 353 Sweden 46
Israel 972 The Netherlands 31
Italy 39 United Kingdom 44
Japan 81 U.S.A. 1

Tips and Taxes:

Tips are readily accepted in Barcelona. As a guideline in restaurants and bars the usual tip is around 10% of the bill, depending on the  size of the bill and the quality of service. Hotel and airport porters will take, depending on the luggage from 1 to 5 euros. In Spain there is a variable (7% or 16%) value added tax (I.V.A.) applied to most items and services. Hotels charge 7%. If tax is not included it should be clearly marked, but most prices you will see it is included.

Medical Emergencies:

You will receive immediate medical help if you need it. All travellers from EC countries can receive medical treatment in Spain because of the reciprocal EC agreements. If you are not from the EC countries and you need medical help, you will receive it immediately. However it is a good idea to have some kind of medical insurance that covers further treatment.

Here there is a list with important telephone number:

Emergencies 061
General Emergencies 112
Fire Service 080
Local Police 092
Hospital Vall D'Hebron (34) 932 746 100
Hospital del Mar (34) 932 483 000
Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (34) 932 532 100
Social Help Centre 900 703 030
Telegrams by Telephone 902 197 197
Taxis (34) 934 810 085
Special Taxis (34) 934 208 088
Information on duty chemists 010

Public Holidays:

1st January New Year's Day
6th January Epiphany
6th April Good Friday
9th April Easter Monday
1st May Labour Day
4th June Substitutes Pentecost *
15th August Assumption
11th September National Day of Catalonia
24th September Festival of La Merce
12th October Columbus' Day
1st November All Saints' Day
6th December Constitution Day
8th December Day of Immaculate Concepcion
25th December Christmas Day
26th December Saint Stephen's Day / Boxing Day

* This year, Sunday 28th May, Pentecost, is NOT an official holiday in Barcelona.


Barcelona is a safe city and you can stroll around and do your sightseeing with no worries. However, as in any large city, some basic precautions should be taken:

  • Watch your luggage, especially handbags, cameras, video, etc.
  • If you travel by car and need to leave your luggage in the car, leave it parked at a surveilled parking lot and do not leave objects within sight.
  • In open public areas don't show large amount of money.
  • Do not get involved in card games or similar betting games in the street.
  • Use your hotel safety box and leave your valuable objects and currency.
  • Be especially vigilant if someone get too close to you  in the street or if driving, while stopped at a red light someone tells you that you have a flat tire or a burning tire.


Please click on the following link in order to get up to date information in all Barcelona consulates.

Barcelona, Spain

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